Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello 2011!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It has been a WHILE!!!! My old age has been keeping me out of writing something in here. I could not remember the password

Well anyway, since I will not start getting my masters until February, I think I will have time to write some random thoughts every once in a while in here.

I will post more pics and update you on my new addition!


Monday, July 13, 2009


I didn't know this blog is still working. As far as I can remember, I have deactivated this account.Oh well..since its still working, I might as well write..

Let's has been over a year since my last post. There are so many things that happened in the past year. My nephew has turned 1 year old already. Time flies so fast. Robert graduated from Kindergarten already and this coming school year, he will be in first grade. Ha ha ha..I am getting old.. I have a first grader already..

What else? ohh I am back to school after stopping for two semesters. I went back in January and now I am taking summer classes. I was supposed to finish the course in Fall this year, but now its not going to happen till Spring of next year.

I am going to think what I have missed...Im sure there are

Glad to be Back!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hello there Fellow Bloggers,

It has been a while since my last post here. I have been so busy with work and school. With all the crazy happenings in the market, my work has been crazy as well since I am working for a financial institution. With that said, I apologize to all who has visited my page and has not seen any new post.

Let's see, my last post here was in June. OMG!! There have been so many things that happened in the last few months.

Let's begin with me having a new nephew.Yes!!! I am a new aunt to a cute bouncing baby boy. He is Landon Eli Davis. Whatta cutie!!!

I was at the hospital when my sister was in labor I heard her scream while she was in pain. She squeezed my hands tightly and you should see her face. I was laughing while seeing her making faces.(LOL) I am so mean, right?!!! Well, she had to tell me to shut up, of course..LOL But she didn't have a choice. lol

I wasn't in the room when she had the baby. I don't know if I can take watching it though. So I had to wait in the lobby but even at the lobby, I heard my sister scream so loud..LOL


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My baby's graduation

June 16th was Robert's graduation. I am so proud of my son!!! He looks so cute on his blue gown. He graduated from PreK and this coming school year, he will begin kindergarten.I am just so proud of him. I could not explain my feelings on that day! They sang few songs and you can hear his voice so loud from the rest of the class.hahaha..

It's been a while

since I have not posted a thing on this blog. I am guilty of that! I have been caught up with a lot of things. And it has really been a while since I have turned my laptop on. I got so busy with school, but now I have two weeks off from it (thank heavens!) hehe.

Work has been very busy too despite the market situation. Thank goodness, we are still writing a lot of business, and I am not complaining at all!! hehe

And since I am off from school for two weeks, I have devoted myself to working harder and giving myself a rest. I can lay down on my bed after work and watch tv all night long!! And on weekends, I go out with my classmates, we go to the city and enjoy the sun all day!!

More pics to come!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My son has been asking me to get this for months now. I took him shopping for clothes one day and he saw this kid sitting in the corner with his Nintendo DS. My son sat with this kid and I was watching him trying to watch the kid. When we left the store, my son said, "mommy, that is what I was asking you to get me". He seems to really like the DS. So I told him, when you are good, I will buy you that.

The next day, he woke me up and said, "mommy, it's time to buy the DS". lol

That same day, we went to Best Buy and while going in the store, he couldn't help but tell everyone he met that his mommy is buying him a DS. Woahhhh...I guess there is no backing out for

So I got him that and two games to go with. He is very very happy. I would do anything for my son as long as I can and can afford it.LOL

He is a BRAT afterall.:) A proven Momma's Boy

Rye Playland

I took my son and my sister's daughter to Rye playland last Memorial Day. The weather was beautiful. But of course, since it was a long weekend, the traffic just to get in the park was ridiculous. The kids were so impatient with there, "are we there yet?" question.

But when we were approaching the park, they were so excited. Especially when they saw the rides and they were talking to each other and were already planning what ride to go first.Robert got on the pirate ride first. Gia could not go since she was too tall for the height required for that ride. So we just stood outside and waited for Robert to finish. Then they both got on the Motorcycle ride. Of course the two wants each of their
They had fun with that ride.Then Gia got on the Himalayan's ride. Robert could not go since he was too little. He could have joined Gia on that ride if accompanied by an adult but since I do not want to go, so we just stayed outside and waited for Gia.

They had a great time!!!!!!

It's been a while..

Since my last post. It has been really crazy here and there. I got really busy at work and school.Juggling three things and sometimes more at a time makes me really go nuts. But as they say, a true filipina knows how to multi-task..LOL

Anyway, this is the first time I am really enjoying my weekends off. Especially now that the weather in New York is very nice, I get to take my son to the park, enjoying the beach with the family and most of all, enjoying the heat of the sun..LOVE IT!!!!

I'd like to share with you these pics taken during a weekend spent on the beach. We had fun. Although I never got on the water, it sure was fun just looking at the kids playing.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Overlapping Subjects???

I registered for summer classes early April. Today, I browsed through my summer schedule and I realized that I registered for two subjects on the same day, at the same time. How did that happen?lol

Obviously the Advisement did a mistake. Either they changed the day of one subject without giving notices to the students. I was pretty upset of course. I dont want to go through that problem again. I already had a problem with my vaccination record last term. It seems like every term, different problems.

Well, I emailed the Deans of Advisement and gave them the schedule I wanted. I will look forward to receive a reply from them. If I wont get a response by tomorrow afternoon, I will stop by advisement and settle it there.

Just thought I'd share this with you..

International Management

Tonight was my presentation for an Integrative Case in my International Management Class. It was not so bad since the cases were assigned to us since we started the term. I read through the case and tried to analyze it. I have other people helped me read it and asked them to share what they think about the case.

The case was about Human Resource Management in an international environment. Of course, dealing with mixed managers, Human Resource Management is critical and vitally important. As future managers of an international organization we must have the ability to deal with different people of different cultures.

This class is really pretty interesting.My management class last term was very intense too. I learned a lot from this class. Although I hate the quizzes every week, it sure is very challenging.

Well, I can't wait for my grade for this presentation to be posted on blackboard.

Until then....CIAO!